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Monthly Specials For August

Mousou Oujo Ketteisen
Mousou Oujo Ketteisen
JPY1,578  JPY789
Save: 50% off
Love miman sono 2
Love miman sono 2
JPY1,683  JPY842
Save: 50% off
Himegoto Flowers 2
Himegoto Flowers 2
JPY1,683  JPY842
Save: 50% off
Himegoto Flowers
Himegoto Flowers
JPY1,725  JPY863
Save: 50% off

I started selling Cosplay ROM/DVD and Doujin Game Doujin Soft !!

Maximum Doujinshi event of this Summer "
Comiket 86 (C86)" is holding!!

I have 
registered many "Comiket 86 (C86)Doujinshis into the  akibadaisuki.jp site now.

"Comiket 86 (C86)" Doujinshi is added to a site on the arrival immediately.

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Comiket 86

If there is "Comiket 86 (C86)" Doujinshis which 
you want to obtain,
Give me an Email without reserve to an email from "Contact Us" of akibadaisuki.jp site.
I will try my best to find your items for you!!

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And More!
Futanari                         Shota                          Yuri                          Juujin

I add a
new item every day!
Please check New Products
this is the only time to get these items, so don't miss them! 


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